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{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}浙江橫店影視城日本街項目
a series of folk culture hotels designed by jr group in hong kong reflect the cherry blossom culture.香港jr集團下屬分部設計的浙江橫店日本街和一系列民俗文化酒店,體現了影視城的文化需求和櫻..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}四川廣元和廣漢項目的設計
in recent years, health care and medical real estate project in sichuan has been in the forefront of the country, jr design has played an inesti..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}四川雅安及簡陽項目
ya'an, sichuan province, is an earthquake-prone area, but it has unique scenery, high vegetation coverage and lack of resources and high-qual..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}四川雅女湖及大衝山項目
the two projects are located in sichuan prefecture-level cities, beautiful scenery, politicians and people, simple folk style.本兩個項目均處於四川地級市,風景優美,..