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{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}JR景觀設計
jr design has completed many classic landscape projects in the past year. let's take a look at the hand-painted skills and works of jr design..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}JR文創康養小鎮項目
many cultural and creative, health care, theme town and ecological, cultural and creative industrial park projects completed and being designed b..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}項目規劃會
at the end of the year, the designers of jr are all in a hurry to hold multiple project seminars.at the same time, overseas projects will also be..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}關于2020年中國春節放假通知
in the past year, jr sincerely thanks new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for their attention, cooperation and support. in t..
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