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{香港JR設計 HK JR Design} 項目開工
due to the impact of the epidemic, today's resumption of construction sites are fully affected! jr design and various investors have communic..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design} 亞太項目
in the asia pacific region, jr design made great efforts to expand and cooperate with the government and partners last year, and major projects a..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design} 疫情隨筆
it takes time to know how many talents you have, so that you can have a good reputation in history. the world says "time is quiet", but..
{香港JR設計 HK JR Design}JR設計的建筑項目
the chinese calendar year 2019 is about to pass. jr design group has designed many classic works this year.農歷2019年即將過去,香港jr設計集團本年設計了許多經典作品,其中已完成的..
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